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peter pan.

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Hey Ajibalaji89!!
by Zanzibar

by randomjunk
Oh wow, hey.
by Ajibalaji89
Hey, allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.
lol the ultimate tracker
by middaymoon
shows that I*ve had 2 logged in visitors in 2018. But I*m in the top 10!
Omg I forgot about this Site...
by sagittariusmoon
Gotta clean this up... :)

by LostSoul13
Woo! I am glad it*s back; it*ll be nice to come back to once I*m done with my hiatus. Thanks for being patient with me :)

by randomjunk
Nutang is back!!!!
by Zanzibar

by AmbyrJayde
disasters seem less than ideal :o
My week has been insane
by Zanzibar
Several all-nighters, disasters, etc. But not too bad.

by AmbyrJayde
Pretty decent. Got a handful of book sales this week and that was aweomse! How about everyone else?
Hi guys
by dannixfresh
How has everybody’s week been?

by randomjunk
Hi AmbyrJayde.
by AmbyrJayde
hihi everyone

by randomjunk
Yeah, it*s horrible. :(
my mules
Sunday, July 2, 2006
Wow, a lot has changed around here! woo-wee!

I can't remember when was the last time I logged onto nutang but it was a while back. So I'm back (for now). Not sure what to post about so why not about my mules?

I have a small farm with lots of different animals including several mules. The best mules imho are the species nigerian and and wildcottle. they grow to be really tall like 8 feet max I think. They also eat a lot of fruits. They especially like australian fruits. Here are some of their favorites.

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Starfruit is the best. I am no mule, though.
» le_battement on 2006-07-02 01:19:28

How do mules get the durians open?
» theZEBRA on 2006-07-02 07:59:53

The mules kick the durians against the big oak tree in the back and after a few kicks the durians open. The big mules cant usually crack them in 1 kick.
» ButtonCollector on 2006-07-02 11:39:02

the fourth fruit is good. i don't know what it's called in english, though. i do in vietnamese.
» dis1girl on 2006-07-02 10:15:55

I had no idea mules liked to eat so much fruit. You should post some pictures of your mules eating durians. I kinda want some durian now.
» bluetopaz on 2006-07-04 08:09:01

mmm fruit
I remember having star fruit in hong kong good stuff. But not quite as good asvoting for monkeymeister on NWF!
» monkeymeister on 2006-07-07 03:10:01

hmm that link didnt seem to work
Vote for me on NWF!
» monkeymeister on 2006-07-07 03:11:00

neither did that one.. whats going on!
okay, here sorry!
» monkeymeister on 2006-07-07 03:12:45

Such yummy looking fruits. I recognize, guava, breadfruit (ulu in hawaiian), and star fruit
» kkama67 on 2006-11-09 12:04:59

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